7053 7TS™ ALS® Shoulder Holster: Smooth release, secure holstering

Whether you’re climbing in and out of your vehicle, or having to move fast, a locking mechanism will ensure your handgun stays secure in its holster. We asked Team Safariland’s Scott Carnahan to give us a demonstration of the Safariland 7053 7TS™ ALS® Shoulder Holster, to see how the release and the locking mechanism of the ALS device works.

In a word, he’ll tell you the key is consistency. And consistency leads to speed and accuracy.


Smooth release, secure holstering. These are the advantages of the Automatic Locking System (ALS®). “As I get a shooting grip on the gun, I release the ALS lever with my thumb, and I can simply draw the gun out of the holster,” says Carnahan.

And, once your handgun is holstered, it locks securely into place. It’s simple, as there’s no fumbling around with hammer straps or thumb breaks.

The low-profile 7053 shoulder holster is worn in the horizontal position, and since it’s lightweight and compact, no belt tie-downs are needed. To get the perfect fit, adjust the elastic strap as needed.


About Scott Carnahan

Scott Carnahan is VP of Equipment Category for Safariland and Bianchi, and a member and manager of Team Safariland since its inception in 1985. A current member of the NRA World Action Pistol team, Carnahan holds three National Class Titles. He is also a Board member of the CPOA/BLEA California Peace Officers Association, Business Law Enforcement Alliance. Carnahan is an accomplished athlete, having competed at elite levels in sports as diverse as competitive shooting, go-kart racing, waterskiing, golf and motocross.