Use and Care of Safariland Holsters Exposed to Water Saturation

July 13, 2010


Safariland has been manufacturing the world’s finest holsters for law enforcement, military, competition and sporting communities for over 45 years. In that time, our holsters have withstood the rigors of a broad range of applications by duty officers, SWAT, Special Forces, and many others, as well as performed under some of the harshest conditions – and, continue to do so today.


Over the course of the many years of research, development and testing, Safariland has found that natural suede is the most effective lining material since it provides the best combination of abrasion protection and weapon security. Suede protects the weapon by absorbing moisture away from it, and also provides abrasion and debris protection. It is exceptionally durable, and will allow the user many thousands of draw cycles when properly maintained. This is why Safariland has used suede lining in more than 10 million holsters we’ve manufactured and sold.


As natural suede will absorb liquids, it is important to regularly take proper care and maintenance of the holster after exposure to excessive moisture, just like the care provided to your weapon. If excessive moisture is suspected, please follow these steps:

  • safely remove the weapon from the holster
  • allow the holster lining to dry naturally
  • liberally spray the suede with pure silicone
  • allow time for the excess silicone to evaporate and once evaporated
  • test your holster with an unloaded weapon to verify everything is in good working order



These steps should be repeated any time you suspect your holster has been exposed to excessive moisture. In addition, regular care and maintenance, which includes periodic re-application of fresh silicone to the suede lining of your Safariland holster is recommended. This will ensure the suede is properly conditioned to repel excess moisture, as well as provide protection for your weapon.


For further information regarding this matter, please contact Safariland at:

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