Safariland Laminate Holster Reminder Regarding Direct Exposure to Excessive Heat

August 22, 2012


Safariland would like to remind all duty gear holster customers of the need to limit direct exposure of the Safariland laminate holster to excessive heat. Particularly, users are directed to not leave their laminate holsters in the car exposed to direct sunlight magnified through the window glass. It has been noted that excessive direct heat exposure to Safariland’s laminate holster can cause deforming of the holster body that may impact its performance. Exposure to excessive heat can in some cases cause the gun to stick or jam due to the swelling action. This is particularly noted for all ALS MODEL holsters, where swelling can impact the interaction between the weapon and the ALS mechanism.


Note that Safariland holsters are tested to perform in extreme ambient temperature conditions, including up to 160° F. In addition, our laminate holsters have been used in service in all climates around the world for over 30 years. Nonetheless, as noted in the User’s Guide for Safariland laminate holster models, users are directed to not expose these holsters to excessive heat for prolonged periods of time. This includes leaving holsters and their guns exposed to direct sunlight in their vehicles. Extended periods of direct exposure can cause the holster to heat up to over 200° F which would impact any laminate holster.


If your Safariland laminate holster is exposed to extreme heat, immediately check the proper function of the holster by inserting the handgun into the holster and drawing it several times to ensure proper fit. If the handgun does not insert into the holster, or becomes locked or sticks in the holster during draw, immediately contact Safariland’s Customer Care Department at (800) 347-1200 or (909) 923-7300.


It is the user’s responsibility to daily inspect their handgun and holster for proper operation. Any signs of excessive wear or loss of retention of the handgun in the holster should be addressed immediately. In addition, daily inspection of all screws and hardware on the holster for tightness will help ensure proper fit. If any possible problem is detected or any doubt exists, do not use.


For further information regarding this matter, please contact Safariland:
Safariland, LLC
Attn: Customer Care Department
3120 E. Mission Blvd.
Ontario, CA 91761
(909) 923-7300 or (800) 347-1200

Service Bulletin (PDF)