Safariland® Holsters with injection molded belt loop, UBL, (Universal Belt Loop) manufactured before July 2002

May 23, 2005


Safariland® Duty Gear Service Bulletin

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Effects the following model numbers: 200, 2005, 6295, 62955, 295, 2955, 6280, 6285, 6070, 6075, 6270, 6275, 6070UBL, 6075UBL, 5200, 52005, 56295, 562955, 5295, 52955, 56280, 56285, 56070, 56075, 56270, 56275, 56070UBL, 56075UBL

This service bulletin pertains only to Safariland holsters using the injection molded UBL belt loop back piece manufactured between July of 2001 to July of 2002. This part is identified by not having a molded-in date plug on the back of the UBL, approximately ¾” above the bottom screw. All parts manufactured after July of 2002 have this date code and no failure has been identified with parts produced after this date.

Safariland has become aware of a very small percentage of failures of the above described parts. A simple test has been designed to determine if the above described parts will fail. If you or your department have Safariland Holsters with the Injection molded UBL manufactured prior to July of 2002 (identified by not having a molded-in date code on the back of the UBL) please contact your local dealer, Armor Holdings sales representative, or go to our web site at for further information.

  • To determine if your belt loop requires replacement, perform the following test
  • This test should only be performed on old style UBLs without the date code (see Photo 1)
  • It will not hurt the new style UBLs with the date code, but there is no reason to perform the test on them (see Photo 2)
  • Remove the holster from your belt. Other disassembly is not required. From the back side of the holster a 1/4" (diameter of shaft) screw driver is placed in the right vertical belt slot about 1" with the shaft and handle running parallel to the top of the belt piece. (see Photo 3)

The shaft of the driver is located in the slot, 3/4" down from the top of the belt piece or just about even with the widest protrusion of the Impala horns. Cam the screwdriver away so that the flat part of the driver is leveraged against the middle portion of the belt piece on the side toward the holster, and the shaft is pushing against the outermost part of the slot. With a quick motion, cam the screwdriver away until the shaft is parallel to the plane caused by the middle portion of the back piece between the two slots. If the part is defective, it will break near the top of the slot. (see Photo 4)

  • Repeat the process on the left side.  If the part is good, this force will not weaken the part. If it breaks it can be replaced quickly without any significant down time.
  • If the belt loop needs to be replaced, please follow the assembly instructions included with your new UBL.
  • For the following model numbers on the Levitation Belt system, you will not be able to perform the test in the field. Please contact you local distributor, sales representative or Safariland Customer Service (800) 347-1200 for a replacement. This pertains to UBLs without the date code as stated above. (See Photo 5) Models:  5200, 52005, 56295, 562955, 5295, 52955, 56280,56285, 56070, 56075, 56270, 56275, 56070UBL, 56075UBL

If you have any questions, please contact Safariland® Customer Service at (800) 347-1200 or go to our website at
3120 East Mission Blvd.
Ontario, CA 91761
(909) 923-7400 or (800) 347-1200