2020 SHOT SHOW Highlights

From January 21 – 24, The Safariland Group was set up to welcome over 65,000 industry professionals who attended the 2020 SHOT SHOW. It was an exciting 4 days of product demos, announcements, and special presentations.

Check out our highlight reel to see some of the action:


Team Safariland were on hand to demo our exciting lineup of new products from Safariland®, Bianchi®, Break Free®, Forensics Source™ and Monadnock®.

Products will be officially released later in 2020 – get a sneak peek at some of our new introductions below.

7TS RDS Holsters7TS RDS Holsters

"The red dot optic is increasingly becoming the standard in military, law enforcement, CCW and competition markets. We were at the forefront of this demand with our SafariLaminate™ holsters and are pleased to offer RDS fits with the added benefits of our virtually indestructible SafariSeven™ material."

Model 637 Holster

"Our Model 637 is a great combination of superb retention and concealability. It’s the ideal holster if you’re on a plainclothes shift and want a professional ALS® retention holster that sits higher and closer to the body. The soft body and tension adjustment make for best-in-class comfort and function."

Model 015 Holster

"One of the new and exciting products we have coming out this year is the 015 holster for competition shooting. We've really put a lot of work into designing this. Made out of machined alumninum, it's nice and secure... and I have a lot of adjustments to really fine tune where I want it for my position."

NIK CBD Quick TestNIK CBD Quick Test.

"With the evolution of cannabis-related laws and the huge trend in hemp products and CBD production, it’s been increasingly important for law enforcement to quickly differentiate between plants. Developed in Switzerland, this new CBD Quick Test marketed by the NIK brand, is the first Hemp/Marijuana field test kit in America and only presumptive drug test of its kind that can differentiate between THC and CBD.”"

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The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB® is made up of individuals, who in the line of duty, experienced a life-threatening incident in which their Safariland armor or gear contributed to saving their lives. Safariland was pleased this year to celebrate the lives of Officer Justin Sanders and Officer William “Taylor” Webb, both officers whose lives were saved in 2019.

SAVE #2065 - Officer Justin Sanders
Auburn Police Division, Auburn, AL

Officer Justin Sanders was shot on February 15, 2019 during a stop on a robbery suspect, who opened fire from the passenger seat, then exited the vehicle and continued shooting. Officer Sanders was hit five times – once in the face, twice in the hip and twice on his armor, and his Safariland® Xtreme® XT03 Level II vest stopped both rounds to his torso. After months of physical rehabilitation Officer Sanders returned to duty in late 2019.

SAVE #2067 - Officer William "Taylor" Webb
Henry County Police Department, McDonough, GA

Officer William “Taylor” Webb responded to an unknown medical call on April 12, 2019. Upon arrival he forced entry to the location in an attempt to render aid to an unconscious woman who was eight months pregnant. As Officer Webb made entry, a male suspect ambushed him and opened fire hitting him twice, once in the hip and once in the chest on his armor, a Safariland® Xtreme® XT03 level II vest. Officer Webb is recovering from the wound to the hip.

"Thank you Safariland for keeping me alive."