TCI™ is a Safariland brand that offers communications solutions and has a longstanding reputation for its commitment to customer service. That’s why we got pretty excited by this letter from Bill Rogers, and wanted to share it with you.

Dear TCI,

We just finished our 2015 season at the Rogers Shooting School in Ellijay, Georgia. At the end of our 2014 season we purchased 6 of your Liberator II Tactical headsets (combination digital hearing protection and communication) and 12 of your DEHP digital hearing protection headsets. We bought the PTT com headsets for the instructors and the digital hearing sets for our students.


Over the 40 years of operating the Rogers Shooting School, we have used many different brands of hearing protection. We only work outside and in all weather conditions. We issue electronic ear protection to the students so that they can hear the range commands without having to have a PA system. The headsets loaned to the students take a serious beating, as would any gear that is not actually owned by the user.

Over the years our biggest problem was keeping the digital headsets working. Moisture from rain and the shooter’s perspiration and impact from dropping became our greatest reasons for failure. The DEHP headsets performed all year without any failures. The automatic shut off feature saved us a ton in replacement batteries. We normally have to replace about 25 percent of headsets each year. The fact that all of the DEHP headsets were working flawlessly at the end of the season meant that we saved a considerable amount of money.


In closing I would say that I was impressed with the function and reliability of the TCI product. After using the tactical comms headset for our instructors, I would never go back to non-comm headsets. I would highly recommend the TCI product to any company or agency that is involved in teaching firearm skills.


William H. Rogers

Owner and Chief Instructor, Rogers Shooting School

DEHP Close Up

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