Have you ever gone to the range and realized you forgot a necessary piece of equipment? Like your eye protection, or your ammo? Save yourself some time having to drive back home again or borrow equipment by picking up a Safariland 4559 Shooters’ Range Backpack to keep you organized.

Safariland Range Backpack_Firearm_Range_Competition Shooting


With a little diligence, if you collect and store all your shooting gear in the multiple assorted compartments and dividers of the Range Backpack, you’ll be ready to grab the pack and head out to the range when you get a chance without the nagging thoughts that you left something behind. It’s one of those great habits to get into, and saves you having to run all over the place tearing your hair out because you can’t find your ear protection or stapler

There’s a compartment for everything—your cleaning kit, plenty of boxes of ammo, holster, range finder, flashlight, ear protection, eye protection, water bottle, sunscreen, hand wipes, and shooting gloves. A large, reinforced lower compartment is ideal for heavy ammunition. In addition, the backpack has a dual pistol sleeve which can be quickly inserted into its own padded, zippered compartment or removed as needed.

Safariland Range Backpack_Firearm_Range_Competition Shooting


You’ve spent time and money buying and assembling your handgun, holster, ammo and other essentials—why not give your gear the protection it deserves? Constructed from rugged ballistic pack cloth, the Range Backpack includes various-sized compartments with heavy-duty lockable zippers to keep gear free from scratches, dust and dirt, and from accidentally falling out. If it starts to rain, throw on the all-weather cover for extra protection.

We don’t like to overstate the obvious, but one of the best things about the Shooters’ Range Backpack? It’s a backpack. Which means you can comfortably carry the weight of your gear on your back while walking or hiking, and it leaves your two hands free.

Safariland Range Backpack_Firearm_Range_Competition Shooting