The longer the mission, the more weight matters. Frontline and special forces teams who are faced with a crisis response like a hostage situation may have their gear on for up to 10 or 12 hours. Any elite athlete will testify that over time and distance, carrying more weight causes greater fatigue, which slows you down and reduces endurance.

The Delta 5™ and Delta X™ line of PROTECH® Tactical helmets were designed to be lightweight while providing a superb level of ballistic protection. The Delta X is approximately 30% lighter compared to traditional ACH (advanced combat helmet) style helmets. The PROTECH® Delta line of helmets are independently tested under NIJ 0106.01 protocol, and modified to NIJ0101.06 Level IIIA rounds and velocities.


The Delta line is built for ergonomic comfort, however it’s important to get the correct fit. “You need a solid fit, a helmet that doesn’t move as you are moving,” says Mark Cardey, Safariland Manager – Product Engineering. “And if you have to run you don’t need it bouncing on your head. So you need one that fits properly.”

To achieve the optimum fit, users should take measurements to choose the correct size helmet. Then, the operator uses the retention and suspension systems to fine tune any adjustments needed. The Delta line is compatible with Team Wendy® CAM Fit™ with EPIC Air™ and R2S™ Ratchet System retention and suspension systems.


The Delta 4™ ballistic helmet is an excellent law enforcement patrol helmet, designed to address Type IIIA 9mm and .44 magnum rounds and velocities. It is known for its durability and being comfortable to wear. With its NIJ 0106.01 level of protection, high level of performance, and competitive price point, the Delta 4 ballistic helmet is one of the most sought-after patrol helmets on the market.

Designed and manufactured for SWAT teams, the Delta X tactical helmet and Delta 5 ballistic helmet are even lighter. Both helmets are comprised of polyethylene and aramid composite, and can withstand assault from a wide spectrum of small fragments and handgun bullets.

Weighing less than 2 lbs. in a full coverage cut, the ultra-lightweight Delta X™ Tactical Helmet comes in full-, mid- and high-cut style options, in one-size-fits-all.

The Delta 5™ ballistic helmet is available in sizes small through jumbo, as well as full-, mid- and high-cut style options.


One trend that is emerging is the increase in accessories mounted to the rail and shroud on ballistic helmets. “This year we introduced a ballistic face shield that is rail mounted,” says Cardey. “We worked with our sister company MED-ENG® to develop a rail-mounted ballistic face shield.” Instead of being mounted on a band which goes around the whole helmet, the face shield mount has two machined rail mounts that can be snapped into the rail.

Another product that was recently introduced is the shroud-mounted light. Previously, the shrouds up front were used only for night vision. Safariland has partnered with FoxFury®, which developed a light that can be attached to the shroud. “For the Picatinny rails there are more and more accessories that can be attached to them,” notes Cardey, “such as flashlights and comms.”

The Delta line is compatible with the following optional accessories: Rail Set, NVG Shroud, Bungee Set, VELCRO® Brand Kit and TCI™ Communication Systems.