Situations change. You could be on the range in the morning, and working next to a generator or a loud engine the rest of the day. The Liberator® HP headset is the first, and only one of its kind to offer three user-adjustable profiles in one headset which can be easily changed to suit audio conditions while the user is wearing it.

It’s easy to switch between modes to change profiles. If you’re shooting at the range, set the headset to Active Noise Reduction (ANR) to protect your hearing against impulse noises such as gunfire. This mode also enhances ambient audio, so you can hear someone talking to you, like your buddy asking a question. ANR was originally developed for the military so operators could talk to the person next to them while in an armored vehicle or helicopter.

Liberator HP on the rangeLiberator HP on the range

For exposure to constant, high decibel noises such as a diesel engine or shooting competitions, simply switch the profile on the Liberator HP headset to Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). This mode cancels out loud, steady state background audio that can damage hearing with prolonged exposure. In addition, the mode adds up to 5 dB of NRR.

The third profile provides the features of both ANR and ANC modes for a mix of customized hearing options. If you’re in an environment with really loud background noise with gunshot or other high-volume sounds and need to hear someone speaking to you, the third mode makes it possible to protect your hearing against loud ambient noise and isolate the human voice.

Developed by experts in state-of-the-art audio-testing facilities, the Liberator HP headset features sound localization, which not only helps you pinpoint the direction sounds are coming from, but the distance between you and whatever is making that sound. Having 360 degrees of situational awareness is a huge sensory advantage. For example, the feature gives you the ability to hear someone walking up behind you—before you can even see them.

The durable, glass polymer injection-molded Earcups are built to last, and they’re also comfortable to wear, so you can wear them all day without having to compromise on protecting your hearing.

Liberator HP Close Up


  • First of its kind multi-mode adjustability providing Active Noise Reduction (ANR), Active Noise Cancellation and both simultaneously
  • Industry leading sound localization for maximum situational awareness and sound detection
  • Dual Fuel feature: runs on either two AAA or one CR123 battery
  • 100-300-hour run time (mode dependent)
  • Proprietary high definition speakers and speaker enclosures
  • Modular headset suspension, user adjustable to be either over-the-head or behind-the-head for maximum comfort
  • Proprietary Earcup design layered with sound barrier technology
Liberator HP MilitaryLiberator IV Military

For tactical operators, Safariland’s Liberator HP headset is designed so that it can be converted into either a single (Liberator IV) or dual comm (Liberator V) headset upon special request. Safariland can integrate the proprietary TCI™ communication components to transform this hearing protection into a communications system.

First and foremost, the most important feature of any headset is to protect your hearing now, and for life. The Liberator HP headset gives you the added benefits of being able to change profiles between three modes and adjust your hearing protection to suit the environment. ◼