Whether you’re on the road, exploring new territory, or taking it easy, if you wear your firearm throughout the day, comfort becomes an important consideration when choosing a holster. The Bianchi® Allusion™ Model 145 Subdue is both highly concealable, and comfortable to wear.

Bianchi_145 Holster_Becky Davis Photography

Model 145 Subdue Features:

  • Premium full grain leather exterior with a laminate synthetic liner
  • Heavy-duty spring-steel belt clip securely anchors holster
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial foam padding on exterior liner of leather backing
  • Padded liner provides added comfort
  • Slight detent in trigger guard for enhanced handgun retention
Bianchi_145 Holster_Becky Davis Photography
Bianchi_145 Holster_Becky Davis PhotographyBianchi_145 Holster_Becky Davis Photography

The compact, inside-the-waistband design of the Model 145 Subdue has a padded foam liner not typically found on bare leather or synthetic models. The mesh padding also has anti-bacterial and -microbial properties, to prevent germs and odor from accumulating against the body.

Bianchi_145 Holster_Becky Davis Photography

The Model 145 Subdue is unique for its combination of leather and synthetic materials. While the laminate synthetic liner offers an effortless draw and long-lasting wear, the leather exterior offers the classic good looks of a traditional holster.

Every holster in the Allusion series is designed and manufactured to fit individual firearm models. Model 145 Subdue includes fits for over 30 different firearms including popular models such as Glock 19, 26, and 43 Ruger LC9, M&P Shield and Springfield’s XD-S.

Check out our Holster Finder and find a holster for your firearm from our Allusion line!

Bianchi_145 Holster_Becky Davis Photography