“Train like you fight, fight like you train.” Some would say it’s an expression or a creed while professionals will say, it’s a way of life. As the phrase lives on, it drives a profound implication for all of us here at Safariland while we can continue to construct innovative products.

While every mission, every scenario and every environment is different, we have crafted a universal application the applies to all your needs to complete the mission or task first. We give you the Safariland 71 Magazine pouch. This mag pouch fits most 9mm, .40 caliber, single stack and double stack .45 ACP mags, flashlights, knives and multi-tools. It features a premium flexible material that can be webbed between MOLLE or other tactical applications while holding its flexible accordion design for a low profile, high-speed look.

Don’t just take our word for how versatile these pouches are. See what our customers had to say about them below.

Safariland_71 Magazine Pouch_Military Shoot 2017
Safariland_71 Magazine Pouch_Military Shoot 2017Safariland_71 Magazine Pouch_Military Shoot 2017

“Best open top mag pouch out there!”

“I have been using this same pouch for 5 years for EDC (I am a federal agent) and just bought 3 more in FDE for a deployment. It weighs nothing. Has a tiny footprint and does not wear out. I compared the expansion of my old pouches to the new ones and found it to be negligible. Even though the price has gone from $10 to $15 they are still a great value.”

Jo Jo

Safariland_71 Magazine Pouch_Military Shoot 2017

“Nice Retention”

“I purchased one of these at a local gun shop about a year ago. My M&P Shield mags fit in nicely, with just the right amount of retention. I was concerned at first that the accordion design would fail (or crack) with time but after a year of use its still in perfect condition.”

Joe F.

“Works great for single stack 45 acp mags, good for concealed carry does not snag on car seats or clothing. Really good product for the money.”

James W.

Safariland_71 Magazine Pouch_Military Shoot 2017
Safariland_71 Magazine Pouch_Military Shoot 2017