The Classic Nationals are back! After a two-year hiatus the match is making a return, April 29 – May 2, 2020 at the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park in Talladega, Alabama. The Safariland Single Stack Nationals sponsored by Ruger is a USPSA National Event, featuring two matches and three divisions, including Single Stack, Revolver and Limited 10.

The resurrection of the Classic Nationals has come about through a natural partnership between the USPSA, the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park and Safariland. The USPSA had been running their world speed shooting championships at the CMP Talladega range for the last two years. With the CMP’s release of a 1911 shooting program, there was interest in bringing a match featuring the iconic firearm to the range.

When the USPSA and CMP Talladega began to consider bringing on a third organization as the title sponsor, Safariland seemed a perfect fit. Team Safariland members Rob Leatham, Julie Golob, Doug Koenig, Scott Carnahan and Bobby McGee have all enjoyed competing successfully in the Classic Nationals, with Leatham and Golob winning the match more than anyone else in their respective men’s and women’s divisions. In conversations between the USPSA and Safariland’s Carnahan and McGee about creating an event similar to the Safariland Expedition, the idea of bringing back the Classic Nationals was born.


Historically, Safariland has been a long-time stage and match sponsor of USPSA events, and now steps up to title sponsor.

“We have been a major sponsor of the USPSA since the 1980s and we’re excited to expand our partnership with them in one of our favorite events,” said Scott Carnahan, VP of Safariland Duty Gear.

Jake Martens, Director of Media and Events, expects the event will attract competitors who prefer shooting in a more classic format. The Classic Nationals is designed with short and medium stages rather than the physical type of run-and-gun stages in large field courses. “Another appealing aspect of the event is that it’s a revamp of the original format, 12 to 14 stages all done in a single day. So you’ll be able to complete it in one day versus the cost of being on the ground for multiple days,” added Martens.

The focus on these stages is accuracy over accuracy by volume because of the limited capacity. “The guns hold either eight or 10 rounds so you can’t just hose away at a target.” And, since every person is shooting the same style of firearm, there is no real advantage from one competitor to the next.

“As an organization we are very excited about bringing this match back,” said Martens. “We’re very excited about having it at the CMP range, and of course, our partnership with Safariland.” ▣