Use the SAFARILAND™ will-fit tables below to find what models of SAFARILAND™ holsters, magazine holders, and speedloaders will accommodate your weapon.

New additions are highlighted in yellow (updated 3/1/19).


Find what models of SAFARILAND™ holsters will fit a Colt Python with a 6" barrel.

Download the appropriate PDF* above and open it. Read down the left side of the table until you find the Colt Python with a barrel length of 6". Read across the table. Each box containing a number indicates that there is a model of SAFARILAND™ holster that will fit a Colt Python with a 6" barrel. (Please note: The number in the box is not the SAFARILAND™ NYLOK® Holster model number. This number is used by the SAFARILAND™ dealer when you place an order.) Read up the table to find the particular SAFARILAND™ holster model number.

RESULTS: SAFARILAND™ models of concealment holsters that will fit a Colt Python (6" barrel) are: 29, 200, 527, and 038