• 01. Why buy a Safariland®/Kona® patrol bike?
    The Safariland®/Kona® Patrol Bike was designed from the ground up for public safety by two of the most recognizable brands on the market.
  • 02. What makes the 29-inch wheels so special?
    The 29-inch wheels allow riders to clear obstacles such as curbs and stairs effortlessly. Officers will use less energy and cover a greater area.
  • 03. What is the Safariland®/Kona® patrol bike frame made out of?
    The frame is made of Kona® race light 7005 aluminum which is both lightweight and durable.
  • 04. What are the advantages of a slanted sloping toptube?
    The sloping tube allows riders of various heights to ride the same bike. The slant offers an area to sit comfortably, especially in a long seated guard position.
  • 05. What type of hand grips are on the bike?
    The grips are ergonomically designed to be very comfortable for hands to rest on, especially while on patrol.
  • 06. What is the advantage in having internal cables?
    The internal cable housing does not allow the cables to interfere with clothing or scratch paint. It also makes it easier when transporting the bike on a bike rack.
  • 07. While on patrol, you need to stop on a dime, what type of brakes does the bike have?
    Hydraulic disc brakes come standard on the Safariland®/Kona® Patrol Bike for added stopping power. Hydraulic disc brakes require less energy from a riders hand then typical cable actuated brakes.
  • 08. How many speeds does the Safariland®/Kona® patrol bike have?
    The 30-speed Shimano drivetrain with SLX derailleur is among the best. This allows ease of riding from mountainous terrain to working level areas.
  • 09. What type of light system is available?
    The Safariland®/Kona® Patrol Bike can be outfitted with an optional LED light system, made by CycleSiren, and designed specifically for public safety. This one-of-a-kind system offers different siren settings and a variety of light colors you can program. The system includes siren, side lighting, front lighting and rear lighting.
  • 10. How many pounds does the Safariland®/Kona® patrol bike weigh?
    The patrol bike weighs approximately 26 pounds, this varies a bit with size.
  • 11. What other advantages are there to buying a Safariland®/Kona® patrol bike?
    Offered in the 29-inch wheel size, the Safariland/Kona bike allows for a wide range of rider heights. Additonally, the integrated rear rack - offers superior payload strength. The top tube of the bike is blank, to allow customized graphics should any agency need them. Safariland is also a one stop shop - get your gear all in one place! This patrol bike can also be customized with any agency name on the top tube.