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You have a calling, a purpose, a belief. You are part of a unique group of individuals giving your lives to something bigger than yourselves. You are swift, determined, and courageous. In any moment, in any situation and in any condition, you react to the call. You are always there, now and forever. You are the protectors.

Safariland SWAT Gear

Tactical Holsters

Innovation, Not Imitation

The innovation of holster retention has saved many tactical officers’ lives over the last three decades. Our tactical holsters are the safest and most ergonomic on the market with the widest variety of designs to fit any weapon. Don't take our word for it – hear for yourself:

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Safariland 7TS Tactical Holster

Tactical Holsters

Confidence in every draw

The evolution in Safariland® holsters brings us to the 7TS™ Series, the result of countless hours of R&D, testing in the field and – most importantly – listening to what tactical professionals really need.

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Safariland ALS Tactical Holster

Tactical Holsters

Secure Retention Saves Lives

Our patented ALS® (Automatic Locking System) offers excellent retention through an internal locking device that retains your weapon in all directions.

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Safariland Tactical Gear

Tactical Holsters

SWAT Tested and Approved

"I think one of the things that sets Safariland's holsters apart from the competition is the ability to retain the gun with the hood as well as the ALS®. Even if the hood is defeated, you still have the ALS platform which is going to hold that gun securely in place."

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Safariland Protech Tactical Body Armor

Tactical Carriers

Built For Performance

Engineered with state of the art materials and fabrics, and designed with field experience in every detail, the integration of ballistic performance and human performance is how success is defined – with every life saved. See what sets Safariland® armor apart:

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Safariland and FirstSpear Technology

Tactical Carriers

Designed for Elite Tactical units

We are proud to integrate innovative FirstSpear® technology into our tactical carriers. FirstSpear® Tubes™ is a lightweight, low-profile closure system that is quiet to use and engages in seconds. FirstSpear Tubes increase the user’s safety in time-critical situations.

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Safariland Ballistic Protection

Tactical Carriers

State of the Art Protection

Each ballistic panel is engineered to provide unparalleled protective performance. When it comes to body armor, our ability to provide confidence begins inside the ballistics lab at our Ontario, California headquarters. See inside our ballistics lab:

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Safariland SAVES Club

Tactical Carriers

Over 2050 Officers Saved

The Safariland SAVES club honors officers who, during the line of duty, experienced a life-threatening incident in which their Safariland Group armor or gear contributed to saving their lives.

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Safariland TCI Comms and Hearing Protection


The Tactical Advantage

Poor comms can be the difference between operational success and failure—or life and death. Safariland® headsets were built from the ground up to ensure that all personnel have the most reliable, durable, and advanced tactical communications headset in the world.

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Safariland TCI Liberator IV


Unparalleled Audio

The Liberator V features state-of-the-art Digital Threat Compression Technology, reducing dangerous noises to safe levels, while ensuring that you can still hear your point man’s whisper and accurately locate sound direction and distance in three dimensions.

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Safariland R&D Acoustics Lab


Perception vs. Measurement

One of the unique aspects of the Safariland® facility is that engineers have the ability to fire a live round in the ballistics lab, and then replicate it's frequency range and decibel rating in the acoustics lab. The information is then used to develop a product for that specific audio environment.

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Safariland Protech Tactical Helmets

Ballistic Helmets

A Higher Standard

Setting the industry standard, our tactical helmets are synonymous with ergonomic comfort, superb ballistic performance and field-tested results. See what Tactical Operators have to say:

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Safariland Protech Delta Line of Helmets

Ballistic Helmets

Lightweight Ballistic Protection

The longer the mission, the more weight matters. Over time and distance, carrying more weight causes greater fatigue, which slows you down and reduces endurance. The Delta line of PROTECH® Tactical helmets were designed to be lightweight while providing a superb level of ballistic protection.

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