Bianchi FAQ

Bianchi® is recognized by shooting enthusiasts and professionals as one of the leading designers/manufacturers of innovative, high quality handgun holsters and accessories. Bianchi's primary markets are law enforcement, military and sporting; and its products are sold globally through dealers and distributors.


  • 01. How can I find a dealer in my area?
    Local dealers can be found using the Dealer Locator section of the website. Simply insert your zip code or city and state to find dealers in your area.
  • 02. If my dealer does not carry the Bianchi product that I need, how can I purchase it?
    In most cases, your Bianchi dealer will be happy to special order any product for you. In cases where this is not possible, visit our Dealer Locator to find additional dealers in your area.
  • 03. Can I buy products directly from Bianchi?
    You may purchase select Bianchi products on If we do not have the product you are looking for online we have dealers located all over the country who can assist you with your order. To find a dealer in your area, please refer to the Dealer Locator section of the web site.
  • 04. What holsters do you have to fit my handgun?
    To find a full listing of holsters to fit your handgun, you may refer to the Holster Finder on our website. Simply go to the Holster Finder section of the website and fill in the make and model of your gun and a full listing of holsters will appear for your review.
  • 05. Does Bianchi do custom work?
    Thank you for thinking of Bianchi for your custom holster and accessory needs. Unfortunately, Bianchi does not do any custom work at this time.
  • 06. Can Bianchi modify my holster?
    Your Bianchi holster should only be used with the specific handgun and under the specified circumstances for which it was designed. Any alteration to your handgun or holster may increase the chance for an accidental discharge of your firearm.
  • 07. How can I become a Bianchi dealer?
    To become a Bianchi dealer, you must be regularly engaged in the sale of related merchandise at an established place of business. If you have a retail store and are interested in becoming a Bianchi dealer, visit On the top navigation bar select BECOME A DEALER to complete the dealer information.
  • 08. Does Bianchi have a warranty?
    Bianchi has a warranty located in the Customer Support Section of the site that covers defects in materials and workmanship. You can also view the Bianchi warranty by clicking here. At Bianchi you satisfaction is important to us. Should you have any concerns or questions regarding your Bianchi product, cease use immediately and call Customer Care for answers to your questions.
  • 09. How do I care for my Bianchi product?
    Bianchi products are made from the finest manmade and natural materials. Guidelines on how to care for, store, or inspect your products can be found under the Customer Support Section of the site. You can also view the Product Care Information.
  • 10. How do I find my belt size?
    Bianchi belts are sized from the middle hole of the belt to the buckle tongue. To be certain of your correct size, use a tape measure. Bianchi Duty Belts are 2" (50 mm) oversized to accommodate the liner belt and padding, so specify exact waist size for Duty Belts. Dress Belts are sized exact to your waist measurement over your trousers. Bianchi Cowboy Belts should be ordered to exact waist size. The Hondo™, Clearwater™, and Wild Clearwater™ are 2" (50 mm) oversized to wear on hips, a smaller size may be ordered if you would like to use the Hondo for mounted shooting. The California Outlaw™, Texas Outlaw™, and Gold Miner™ are 4" oversized (100 mm) for wearing low on your hips.