B-Square FAQ


  • 01. How does this mount attach to my gun?
    Mount may vary depending on the type of gun. Please refer to directions provided with each mount.
  • 02. Which mount fits my gun?
    The correct B-Square saddle mount for most shotguns can be determined by examining the serial code on the firearm.
  • 03. Which bipod fits my gun?
    Most bipods attach to a gun via the sling swivel stud. On those guns not equipped with this feature special adapters are available.
  • 04. How many cross-slots are on this base?
    Cross slots are usually spaced evenly the full length of the base.
  • 05. What is spacing between cross-slots?
    Usually cross-slots are spaced .75 inches apart.
  • 06. How long is this base?
    The length varies with the type of gun but most have a minimum of 5 inches and may be as long as 12 inches.
  • 07. What barrel lengths will universal mounts for revolvers & pistols fit?
    On the semi-auto pistols, all mounts will work regardless of barrel length. On revolvers, the universal mounts work only on 5 inches or longer barrels.
  • 08. Will my gun require gunsmithing?
    B-Square mounts do not require gunsmithing for most mounts nor do they require special tools, however always refer to the installation instructions for proper tools and instructions.
  • 09. What does this mount look like?
    While impossible to have a picture available for each mount, please review this site for comparable mounts.
  • 10. Can the scope be purchased separately from the mount in the "Shotgun Combo Mount?
    B-Square is not a scope provider and only offers the scopes as a complete package for your convenience.
  • 11. What height rings do I need for my scope?
    Generally speaking, scopes with 32-40mm objective need a low ring; scopes with 40-44mm objective require a medium ring, and scopes with a 50-56mm objective require a high ring. This may vary with the type gun.
  • 12. Do you make a mount for my gun?
    Do a search for your gun, if no results, go to the section for your type of gun. Our site is in different sections, and you can usually find a mount under that section. If not call our customer service department at (800) 433-2909.
  • 13. Do mounts include replacement hardware & installation instructions?
    All B-Square mounts come with required hardware, wrenches and mounting instructions.
  • 14. How do I order replacement screws/parts?
    Call our customer service department at 1-800-433-2909 for assistance.
  • 15. I am interested in purchasing a scout mount. What is an L.E.R. scope?
    A Long Eye Relief scope. These are usually pistol scopes. Point dot sights also have a long eye relief.
  • 16. My rifle has a rail on the receiver; how do I measure the rail to order the correct mount/rings?
    Measure across the top of the dovetail. This is the location the rings will use for attachment.
  • 17. Do you offer shotgun camo mounts in other patterns?
    No, only "Mossy Oak Break-up" is currently offered.
  • 18. Is there a dealer in my area that stocks B-Square products?
    Your local dealer may stock our products or order for you through their supplier. We have a "Dealer Locator" section on this site that covers several regions. If you do not find one listed, you may order directly. Some sporting goods chain stores or mail-order companies may also stock our products.
  • 19. Are your mounts good?
    Yes. B-Square makes the finest mounts available.
  • 20. What are standard dovetail sizes?
    Usually a standard dovetail is considered to be a "Weaver- style" mount, which is about 7/8 inch wide, usually with cross-slots. Many .22 rifles have a 3/8-inch dovetail, Airguns, some .22 caliber rifles, and some firearms, have dovetails ranging from 11mm (the most common) to 17mm. 11mm dovetails and 3/8 dovetails although similar in size are different.
  • 21. What type of payment does B-Square accept?
    B-Square accepts "Visa" or "MasterCard" for on line ordering we also accept personal checks and money orders for mail in forms of payments.
  • 22. How do I determine if my firearm is a "long" or "short" action?
    Long action guns are models that are the larger caliber sizes like a 30.06. Short action rifles are models using smaller caliber sizes like a .223 . The model of your gun will denote it action: example Savage models 10-16 are all short action. Models 110-116 are all long action guns.
  • 23. How long will it take my item to be shipped if it is on backorder?
    B-Square strives to have items available for immediate shipment but if an item is on back order, it will usually be shipped within 7-10 business days.