Rob Leatham

Rob is inarguably one of the most-winning competitive pistol shooters of all time. He began shooting at a very young age with his parents, brothers and sister at family desert outings. As a young adult in the early 1980s, Rob pursued and quickly realized a successful career in the Action Shooting Sports. He won his first IPSC US National Championship in 1983 and never looked back. Over the past 3 decades, Rob has won hundreds upon hundreds of matches.

His major achievements include repeat titles at the IPSC World Championship, USPSA Nationals, NRA Bianchi Cup, and the World Speed Shooting Championships. Many shooters have come and gone over the years, but Rob Leatham is still going strong. As of 2014, at the age of 53 and with the continued support of Team Safariland, Rob Leatham is still training, shooting, teaching, learning and continuing to win.

  • 1st Place - Western States Revolver Championship
  • 2nd Place - Western States Single Stack Championship
  • 2nd Place - USPSA Single Stack Nationals
  • 1st Place - USPSA Revolver Nationals (This Championship Title made Rob the first overall 6-Division Champion in the history of USPSA)
  • 1st Place - NRA Bianchi Cup Production Division
  • 26-Time USPSA National Champion: In 2014, Rob won the USPSA Revolver National Championship and joined Safariland Team Mate Julie Golob as the ONLY 6-Division USPSA Champions!
    • 8-Time IPSC World Champion:
    • 2014 - IPSC World "Classic" Champion
    • 2014 - IPSC World "Classic" Senior Champion
    • 2014 - IPSC World "Classic" Team Champion - Team USA
    • 2011 - Rhodes, Greece; Senior Modified Division
    • 2005 - Guayaquil, Ecuador; Standard Division
    • 2002 - Pietersburg, South Africa; Standard Division
    • 1988 - Caracas, Venezuela
    • 1986 - Florida, USA
    • 1983 - Virginia, USA
  • 6-Division USPSA Grand Master - Rob received his GM ranking in Revolver Division at the 2013 USPSA Revolver National Championship. Rob is the only USPSA competitor with a GM classification in ALL 6 divisions.
  • 2013 Camp Perry - Rob earned The President's Hundred Brassard, awarded by the Civilian Marksmanship Program Member of "Gold Team USA" : 8 - Time IPSC World Champions
  • 17 - Time Springfield Armory 1911 Single Stack Classic / USPSA Single Stack Nationals Champion
  • 10 - Time NRA Bianchi Cup Champion - Rob is the only person to date to have won "The Cup" in all 3 divisions: Open, Metallic, & Production
  • 8 - Time Steel Challenge Champion
  • 6 - Time IDPA CDP National Champion & 1- Time IDPA ESP National Indoor Champion
  • 3 - Time American Handgunner® World Shootoff® Champion (2004, 2003, 1996)
  • ICORE / Smith & Wesson International Revolver Limited Division World Champion (2006)
  • 1985 Triple Crown Winner - NRA Bianchi Cup, Steel Challenge, and the IPSC/USPSA Nationals. Rob is the only person to EVER do this in the same year

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