Kippi Leatham

Kippi Leatham had never touched, let alone shot a pistol until she graduated from college in 1987. That is all it took though, to start her down the path to loving and competing in the action shooting sports. She has been a proud member of Team Safariland since the early 1990s.

Kippi has won four USPSA National Championship titles, and silver and bronze medals at the IPSC World Championships. More recently, she has earned several women's Single Stack and Production championship titles at various USPSA Area Matches.

In 2011, Kippi was again selected as a member of the USPSA Women's Team to represent the United States at the IPSC World Championship in Greece. Kippi and fellow Team Safariland Members Julie Golob and Maggie Reese took the Silver Team Medal in Production Division at that prestigious event.

Kippi continues to shoot locally in her hometown of Mesa, Arizona, but now focuses the majority of her time on getting women to the range; educating them about firearms, firearm safety and teaching them how to shoot. Her hope is that the number of women who own firearms and shoot on a regular basis will continue to increase; whether they are plinking at the range, qualifying for a job in LE, hunting, practicing for self defense or competing in the shooting sports. Of course, if she had a preference, it would be the latter.

  • 4-Time USPSA Women's National Champion
  • Finished among the Top 8 Women at every USPSA National attended since 1988
  • 4-Time USA IPSC Gold Team Member - Women's World Team Champions
  • 2011 IPSC World Championship - Member of Women�s USA Production Team, 2nd Place
  • 2005 - 5th in Standard Division at IPSC World Shoot - Guayaquil, Ecuador
  • 1996 - 7th in Open Division at IPSC World Shoot - Brazilia, Brazil
  • 1993 - 3rd in Open Division at IPSC World Shoot - Bisley, England
  • 1990 - 2nd in Open Division at IPSC World Shoot - Adelaide, Australia
  • 2014 Western States SS Classic - 2nd Woman
  • 2013 Western States SS Classic - 2nd Woman
  • 2012 USPSA Area-2 Single Stack Champion
  • 2011 - 6th at USPSA Production National Championships
  • 2011 USPSA Area-3 Production Champion
  • 2011 - 5th at USPSA Single Stack National Championships
  • 2010 USPSA Area-2 Production Champion
  • 2010 - 5th at USPSA Production National Championships
  • 2010 - 3rd at USPSA Single Stack Nationals Championships
  • 2009 USPSA Area-2 Production Champion