John Pride

John is a retired Los Angeles Police Detective after 23 years of service. Competing in all types of shooting competitions and spending years cultivating new training techniques for officers, John believes that he coaches those who serve to protect to prepare for the possibility of life and death confrontations employing deadly force. He worked as a Forensic Firearms Expert as well as a Bomb Technician with the Bomb Squad. As a competitive shooter he has won 20 major matches throughout the world both in Police Competition and Action Shooting. He holds five world records for NRA, National Rifle Association, PPC, Police Pistol Combat, and Action Shooting. He has been on Team Safariland for 21 years. John is one of the first competitive shooters to utilize the psychology of shooting, which has proven to serve him well throughout his impressive career.

  • 1968 US Army Bronze Star and Combat Medics Badge, Vietnam Service
  • 4 - Time Bianchi Cup Champion
  • 4 - Time NRA Police National Champion