The Bianchi Advantage




We use only the highest quality, premium grade, full-grain, vegetable tanned cowhide, specially tanned and cured to Bianchi specifications. Our leather holsters are wet-molded around an actual firearm casting and then hand-boned for the distinctive appearance for which Bianchi holsters are world-renowned. Lock-stitching provides long lasting performance and the many additional steps in the process ensure quality construction and outstanding finish. The closely detailed leather handwork, craftsmanship and quality assurance are unequaled in leather holster production.


Through our special AccuMold process we offer a ballistic weave molded fabric trilaminate that is light in weight, weather-resistant and just plain looks great. The trilaminate construction consists of a ballistic weave fabric with a high-density closed-cell foam center, and a smooth Coptex™ knit lining. This unique process allows us to precisely mold and shape foam and fabric to rival the most detailed hand-boned leather holster. AccuMold is easy to maintain, looks sleek and professional, and keeps its good looks and superb functionality even after years of daily wear.

Most important, the holsters and accessories are formed to retain their contents with far more protection and less bulk than conventional ballistic fabric designs. AccuMold magazine pouch cavities, for example, expand both front and rear, making for a snugger fit, a trimmer look and less strain on the equipment. AccuMold pouches feature our exclusive Roll-Top™ lid for a smooth, rounded closure and a custom fit for equipment of various sizes.

Accumold® Elite™

AccuMold Elite duty gear builds upon the same concept of our ballistic weave AccuMold, but with the look of leather. Featuring our unique trilaminate construction, AccuMold Elite comprises our Duraskin™ outer finish, a high-density closed-cell foam center, and our smooth Coptex™ lining. It looks so much like leather, you can’t tell the difference – until you pick it up! It is extremely lightweight yet durable - up to 50% lighter than leather in most applications.

Made for law enforcement professionals, our line is offered in black, in a plain, basketweave, or hi-gloss finish. Same beautiful look as leather - the crisp, professional appearance of premium leather without the weight, maintenance and cost. Further, the products are easily cleaned with only mild soap and water.


The Ranger™ series is a rugged alternative to utility grade leather holsters featuring trilaminate construction. We use tough, abrasion-resistant 1050-denier ballistic weave on the outside, a special 1/4"-thick closed-cell foam in the center and a nylon lining to cushion and protect the pistol. The closed-cell construction prevents water absorption and remains flexible at sub-zero temperatures. Our unique foam is self-molding to provide a custom fit for your favorite handgun. Both the foam and the ballistic weave are laminated to a tough, smooth nylon lining, then die-cut and the edges bound with tight, ribbed nylon tape. All the edges, ends, cuts and threads are heat-sealed for a finished appearance.


The PatrolTek line of law enforcement molded accessories features Bianchi’s special contour-molded technology and unique trilaminate construction – a 600-denier woven exterior, high-density foam core, and a smooth knit lining. Belts are web construction with hook or loop lining. This synthetic woven product line is both lightweight and durable enough for the rigors of street duty.


Auto Retention™

Auto Retention provides positive mechanical retention when the weapon is properly holstered. Bianchi's FingerLok™ retention devices provide a new level of security by automatically engaging the trigger guard of the pistol during the reholstering. This is accomplished though a patented locking lever that is strong, simple, and reliable. The lever is spring loaded and remains engaged until deactivated through the natural positioning of the thumb or finger during the draw. The result is a smooth and efficient draw stroke that does not require any unnatural movements.

ErgoTek Cushioned Belt Loop

Our ErgoTek system is truly a breakthrough in comfort technology. We started with our ErgoTek belt designing ergonomic pillows, or, load bearing cushions in the lining of the belt. The result was effective load distribution across the entire surface of the belt, away from the stiff belt edges. It was only natural to extend this technology into our injection molded belt loop by adding a dense, closed cell foam cushion. But don’t take our word for it. You’ve got to try the ErgoTek duty belts and our duty holsters with the ErgoTek cushion yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

FingerLok™ Device

The FingerLok is our latest device to employ the Auto Retention™ feature. The release lever is positioned behind the trigger guard enabling the user to sweep it with the middle finger as a natural part of the draw. Many officers like this concept because it allows them to use the same muscle memory when drawing from either a Bianchi duty or concealment holster.

Pinch® Retention Device - PRD

Our exclusive PRD is formed of a high strength polymer. When the weapon is firmly seated in the holster the PRD grips the trigger guard holding the weapon in place until you’re ready to draw.

Tri-Release™ Buckle

With our Allusion holsters we stay true to our rich heritage of handcrafted leather goods, and blend it with today’s synthetic technology to achieve the best of both worlds. Each holster is thermoformed and molded using special tooling and forming machines. Then Bianchi uses a proprietary blend of adhesives to securely bond the leather to the synthetic material during the laminate process. And we still stitch our holsters using our special lockstitch machines.


A Bianchi exclusive, our Tri-Release Buckle means added peace of mind when wearing your duty belt. To unlatch the buckle, three points must be disengaged in a specific order - first the center release, followed by the top and bottom releases simultaneously. This unique security system reduces the chance of accidental release of the buckle. Featuring molded, shatter-resistant polymer construction, the Tri-Release buckle is standard on AccuMold® 7203 and 7210 duty belts, as well as AccuMold® Elite™ 7950 and 7955 duty belts. It can also be purchased separately.