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Less Lethal Instructor: OC & Advanced Expandable Baton
Your one-two less lethal punch

This 3-day, highly dynamic course will teach first-responders to combine the practicality and effectiveness of OC aerosol projectors with a straight baton, which are two of the most useful less lethal technologies on the duty belt. In direct and/or transitional ways you will learn to overcome subject resistance and establish control over them for handcuffing.

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Course Overview

With a format that combines the proven effectiveness of both the Defense Technology® OC Aerosol Projectors program and the Advanced Monadnock Expandable Baton (MEB) Instructor-level training, this course offers first responders the skills, information and preparation to meet the challenges of the job. The highly dynamic curriculum relies heavily on practical hands-on applications and is intended for first responders who want instruction in the proper uses of OC aerosol projects as well as straight (expandable or rigid) batons used for self-defense and subject control.

This program is taught by leading experts who have real-world experience in both psychomotor skill programs and field applications. The class also provides the student with necessary information to return to his/her agency and, as that agency’s instructor, develop and conduct a program that satisfies operational needs in the area of OC and straight baton tactics.

Monadnock® is a widely respected and internationally known name in law-enforcement education. Through the former Monadnock® Police Training Council, standards and procedures are structured to meet contemporary legal challenges. The MEB baton techniques can be quickly mastered and performed under stress, including the baton-aided, subject-control holds called armlocks. All curricula is fully researched in terms of tactical, medical and legal consequences and supported by the Safariland Training Group.

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