Product Evaluation

TCI has been developing manufacturing progressive tactical headset and communication solutions for over eighteen years and was founded by real world tactical experts. Over the years, we have conducted many thousands of product demonstrations and operational evaluations with customers. We know that testing and fitting of the next tactical headset solution you select is important and we highly recommend it. Likewise, we believe testing and evaluating our products will demonstrate the high performance and robust constructions of our U.S. manufactured products and clearly see we typically stand head and shoulders above our competition.

The vast array of inventory in our evaluation program enables us fulfill your evaluation request in a timely fashion, typically within days of receipt of your completed T&E request. We look forward to receiving your evaluation request and standby to support you before, during and after the evaluation.

TCI offers a no-obligation, 30-day headset evaluation program to qualified government and law enforcement end users. To participate, simply download the Evaluation Request Form, review the terms and conditions of the evaluation program, complete the request for and then fax it back to us.

If you are representing a commercial entity, please contact the evaluation program manager (see contact information below) to discuss the purpose of your request.

Download Form: PDF Evaluation Request Form

Once the form has been faxed, a TCI representative will contact you by telephone or email to verify receipt of the request.

Thank you!