SAVE #1833, Officer Michael Rooney – New York Police Department New York NY

We are pleased to welcome two officers into the Safariland® SAVES CLUB® from an incident that occurred more than 14 years ago. While performing an armor demonstration for distributor, Atlantic Tactical, Ed Hinchey, SAVES CLUB Manager, was ap- proached by one of their field reps, Joe Zogbi, a retired NYPD officer.

Officer Zogbi informed us of an incident that occurred on September 18, 1998 when he and Officer Michael Rooney, with the NYPD ESU (Emergency Service Unit), were serving a warrant. As the officers gained entry to the location behind a PROTECH® IntruderTM shield, the suspect opened fire with a .40 caliber H&K USP semiautomatic handgun and the shield was hit.

The Intruder shield successfully stopped the rounds and saved Officer Joe Zogbi and Officer Michael Rooney. Both officers continued with NYPD until their retirement.

“While working in the field for Atlantic Tactical, Joe Zogbi is able to bring a unique focus to the capabilities of our PROTECH shields,” stated Ed Hinchey.

We welcome Officer Joe Zogbi SAVE # 1832 and Officer Michael Rooney SAVE # 1833 to the Safariland® SAVES CLUB®. *Approved for internal communication only.