SAVE #1770, Sergeant Bob Mefford – West Virginia State Police WV

On March 19, 2011, Sgt. Bob Mefford was working with the WVSP Special Response Team as they responded to a call of a barricaded suspect who was firing toward the officers.

Upon entry into the residence, the assailant fired upon the team with a .357 Magnum round, fatally wounding the K9 and striking Sgt. Mefford on the bottom edge of his PROTECH® Rapid Response armor.

Sgt. Mefford was initially removed from the residence but re-entered to assist on the final sweep. The as- sailant was found deceased from a gunshot wound. Sgt. Mefford was treated by EMTs at the scene and released. He immediately returned to duty. Sgt. Bob Mefford is SAVES # 1770.