Grip Locking Systems

The Safariland® brand is known for its unparalleled holster security and innovative designs, and the all-new GLS™ (Grip Locking System) holster line is no exception.

The GLS is a unique retention device in which the middle finger is used to release the firearm. With a proper shooting grip, the middle finger sits directly on the GLS lever. During the draw, the lever is depressed allowing for a smooth and easy straight up draw out of the holster. GLS holster models offer a low profile and compact design, perfect for concealability. The low cut sides allow for a rapid draw and easy re-holstering. The SafariLaminate™ construction provides an excellent fit in a durable, lightweight holster.

The GLS is retention device operated by the middle finger, simply obtain a shooting grip to release the mechanism.

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Features & Benefits
  • GLS™ (Grip Lock System) secures weapon once holstered; the retention device is de-activated by the middle finger
  • SafariSuede™ lining helps remove dirt and oil and helps to protect the gun’s finish
  • Low-cut and compact design makes concealment easy while also allowing for a quick draw
  • 3-Hole pattern on holster backing makes it compatible with all Safariland mounting accessories
  • Available in five STX finishes

Shooting USA Logo As seen on Shooting USA
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