Capture the story.

Officers know that life-threatening situations can evolve in the blink of an eye. And in a fast-moving incident there’s no time to take notes. Officers have to act and react. Yet now more than ever, the public desires transparency in policing. The ability to capture video evidence—to capture both critical moments and the story—has become a vital part of protecting officers’ physical and mental safety, and providing transparency to communities.

To this end, technological advancements in body-worn cameras are being driven by innovations that have originated in the field. The Safariland® VIEVU® LE5™ body-worn camera features both Bluetooth® and wired connectivity with CAS™ auto-activation technology. When a firearm is drawn from a Safariland 7TS™ duty holster, CAS technology activates the LE5’s record function. The feature ensures officers can be confident that the interaction will be captured, enabling them to focus on the situation.

Product Features:

  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for in-field connectivity
  • Integrated CAS technology for holster-camera auto-activation
  • 12 hours continuous recording
  • Advanced optics including selectable field of view of 70, 95 or 120 degrees
  • Covert mode alerts the wearer to the camera’s activities using vibration
  • One-touch on/off slide switch
  • Durable, weatherproof and impact-resistant
LE5 Body-worn camera
LE5 Body-worn cameraLE5 Body-worn camera

Evidence Management Solutions

Flexible digital evidence management with VIEVU® Solution™, a simple website interface for secure storage on the Microsoft Azure Government cloud, or VERIPATROL™, an on-site video management system.

  • Meets FBI CJIS compliance standards
  • Affordable and cost-effective data storage options
  • Mobile applications for video download, addition of metadata and case information
  • Secure sharing with unlimited system and non-system users
  • Supported by full chain-of-custody reporting
LE5 Body-worn camera

The LE5 can be configured to capture up to three minutes for pre-record and one minute for post-record, which helps to expand on the context of an incident by including the lead-up and follow-up moments. With a battery life of 12 hours of continuous recording, and storage space of over 50 hours, officers can trust the camera will perform for a full shift and more.

An industry first, officers have the option of choosing a 70°, 95°, or 120° field-of-view. The advanced optics gives law enforcement the choice of emulating the human field-of-view, or selecting a wider perspective.

Ease-of-use is a key consideration in the design specs of the LE5. Officers simply slide the large on/off switch down to activate recording, which allows them to keep their eyes on the situation. For a low-key profile the LE5 camera can be switched to covert mode, in which the camera’s activities use vibration instead of flashing lights. And when speedy transitions are needed, a ClipLock system makes it quick and easy to transfer a camera between uniforms.

Since policing happens in all types of extreme conditions, the LE5 body-worn camera is designed to be weatherproof. Durable and impact resistant, it can withstand being dropped from 10 feet onto a hard surface without having to worry about damage.

To support operational flexibility, the camera has Wi-Fi, and when paired with VIEVU Solution Mobile App, gives officers the ability to download video, add metadata, and update case information while in the field.

LE5 Body-worn camera

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