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The Two Key Accessories for the Patrol Carbine Rifle

January 14, 2009 at 18:41

As the Patrol Carbine grows in popularity over the trusted police shotgun, we're seeing a huge number of accessories swamping the market. Some are essential, but many are just clutter. As a SWAT Team Leader and Active Shooter Trainer, I taught officers that there were two items that were absolutely necessary if you were going to use a Patrol Carbine...a sling and a white light.

A sling is a must on any long gun to allow you to transition to a handgun. If you run out of ammo, have a weapons malfunction, find yourself in a CQB situation or need to go hands on with your suspect, you need a sling. A standard issue sling will usually do. But you can also move up to a three point or single point style sling based on your preference.

The sling isn't very hard to sort out, the light can be trickier.

You can either replace the whole hand guard set or mount a single rail to the existing hand guard. Neither are ideal. The former is expensive and the latter can be torn from the hand guard if raked against a door frame or window ledge. Worse, unless you can mount it to existing ports, you have to drill new holes through both the hand guard and heat shields. Or remove them altogether.

I use the RK-M4 (Safariland product) on several of my rifles. It's basically a collar that you can mount around the existing hand guard for a fraction of the price of a complete replacement (and it's much more secure than a single rail). This gives me three rails to utilize, one on the bottom for a grip attachment and two on the top at 45' angles. I use these for a two-light system.

What do you think? Do you feel there are far too many Patrol Carbine accessories cluttering the market? How do you mount a light to your Patrol Carbine? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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