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Pushing Rope

May 19, 2009 at 14:19
gun cleaning rods Ever heard the phrase “Pushing Rope”?, meaning doing something that doesn’t work. This weekend I was reminded why nothing beats having a cleaning rod available while shooting. At a recent Speed Steel match, I encountered a number of malfunctions. Given I was using a variety of ammo I had begged, borrowed or stolen from friends, this wasn’t a surprise. On the bright side I got lots of practice doing mag changes and jam clearing.

However, one stoppage I couldn’t clear through my normal flailing around. When I retracted the slide to clear the unfired jam, the case came out but left the bullet firmly seated in the rifling.

I know many of you probably have and use the rope-pull-through cleaner, and that’s fine. But, without a good cleaning rod available to knock the bullet out backwards (because you sure aren’t going to drive it forward), my competition would have been over. No amount of magic would have enabled a rope style cleaning system to remove the bullet. The same goes if you ever drop your gun in dirt or mud. A rope style cleaner may not be able to get through it. You just can’t push rope!

While it may sound glaringly commercial, our Pockits are about the handiest style of kit you can put in a range bag. The rod and cleaning implements store in the screwdriver style handle. It takes up less room in a bag or case than a box of ammo. Regardless of which one you choose, always carry a cleaning rod when out in the field or at the range.
Good shooting and be safe!

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