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Defensive Fighting Positions – Enhancing Perimeter Protection

October 12, 2009 at 11:59
Armored Fighting PositionsArmored Fighting Positions are commonly called Defensive Fighting Positions and can be utilized for all types of security applications. From frontline checkpoints to extending out to the perimeter, these structures afford personnel protection against various levels of ballistic and/or fragmentation threats.
Typically made from armor plate, these products feature gunports for return fire as well as transparent armor viewports for increased visibility. And, producing them in customized configurations offers flexibility relative to coverage, deployment methods, and fields of fire.
Security applications include:
  • Replacement of sandbags and/or concrete
  • Hardening of existing infrastructure
  • Checkpoints and guard posts
  • Supplemental guard house security
  • Naval ship gunner protection
  • Border crossings
  • Temporary security positions
  • Elevated (rooftop) security
Further versatility exists by producing them in either fully pre-fabricated versions, lightweight composite systems or modular kits, with the added option of mobile or fixed in place variants.
More information on these types of fighting positions can be found at

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