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Selecting an OC Aerosol Delivery System

December 15, 2009 at 09:15
OC Aerosol Delivery SystemsTo get the most effect out of your OC aerosol, you need to be aware and trained on how it should be deployed. Is the aerosol in a Foam, Stream, or Fog delivery system? With this information, a subject or assailant can be targeted appropriately and the best effect will be achieved from the aerosol.

  • Foam is intended to stick to the target area and stay there, lessening cross contamination.
  • Stream is an excellent delivery system as it is target specific and can be easily “aimed” at a subjects’ eyes – the intended target area.
  • Fog is another option, designed to affect the eyes and respiratory system by utilizing smaller particles in a mist-like pattern.
Each form has great advantages, but also individual disadvantages. Foam, although designed to stick to the subject, can also be thrown back at the officer. It can also cause smooth flooring surfaces to become slick. Stream is target specific and therefore requires the user or operator to be target specific when deploying. Fog is greatly affected by the environment and a breeze can cause cross contamination.

All OC and its various delivery forms are intended to create a pause in combat, giving the officer an eventual opportunity to complete an arrest. To quote a buddy of mine; “OC is not intended to be Karate in a can”, but if used properly and in conjunction with other tools and tactics, OC is a very effective tool that can be used to provide both officer and subject safety.

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