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Don't Waste Ammo

September 23, 2009 at 11:10
Federal 45 Auto AmmunitionUnless you just woke up from a cryogenic freeze, you know there’s an ammo shortage right now.

Either we need to shoot or want to shoot, so regardless of the shortage we’re going to use some of our precious ammo. That doesn’t mean we should waste any though, because it might be a while before you can replace what you use. Here’s couple of things to keep in mind so you don’t waste any.

If you’re planning on zeroing your firearm, be sure everything is tightened down first. There’s no need to sight it in, then tighten rings, bases, sights, forearms, stocks or any other part that is just going to make you have to shoot some more to reconfirm the zero you just established. Tighten everything you can before shooting any ammo. If your gun is zeroed and you don’t plan on making any adjustments, fine, leave it alone. Otherwise, do this now. As mentioned in a previous blog post, this is why I always have one of our Gunsmithing Screwdriver kits in my range bag.
Clean your weapon. Again, if you’re going to zero the weapon or make adjustments, now is the time to thoroughly clean it, not afterward. If you zero your gun, then thoroughly clean it, you’ll probably feel compelled to reconfirm your zero, thus wasting ammo. You still may end up shooting a lot of ammo (in which case you’re very lucky), and you’ll have to clean it anyway, but you will maintain a more consistent zero if you clean your weapon first.

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