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What You Need To Know About Mobile BREs

January 14, 2009 at 18:39

Mobile Bulletproof Resistant Enclosures - BREFor decades, fixed position blast- and ballistic-resistant enclosures (BRE) have been standard operating equipment at checkpoints, perimeters, outside government buildings, and critical national infrastructure sites. BREs can function as sentry posts, armored firing positions, and often as a first line-of-defense. Depending on the position’s specs and desired threat resistance, a BRE could stop machinegun fire and resist explosive charges.

As times change and asymmetric threats become more and more common, the need to have flexible perimeters and security zones is also growing. Mobile BREs can rapidly provide additional ballistic- and blast-resistant protection to personnel almost anywhere. A mobile BRE position often has self-contained power systems, CBRN air filtration, gun ports, communication systems and high-power external lighting. The mobile BRE sits on a military-grade chassis and can be towed and moved into position by a wide-variety of vehicles…large SUVs and trucks, HUMVEEs, SWAT trucks, small to mid-size military logistical vehicles, etc.

When thinking about mobile BRE applications, I like to use the following scenario as an example:

A prominent government facility becomes the site of a protest or inauguration. As standard operating procedure, the building or location may already have fixed sentry positions, checkpoints and maintain a series of protocols for different security zones. Special events, massive crowds, and elevated security would most likely affect the site’s normal perimeter and security SOP. Mobile BREs could be rapidly deployed around the site to add layers of security, serve as additional checkpoints and roadblock command posts, and be positioned to reinforce and support security personnel.

One more thing to consider is the long-term investment value of mobile BREs. When properly maintained, a mobile BRE could give 10 or more years of regular service. They can be towed to most locations or multiple units can be loaded onto a trailer bed. Trials, large sporting events, protests, parades, dignitary visits, diplomatic facilities and terrorist attacks all require additional security, checkpoints/roadblocks, and improvised perimeters…a group of mobile BREs might be the perfect solution.

If your department, company, or security group has any questions about fixed or mobile BRE units, drop me a line.

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