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How To Maintain Your Firearm In The Off-Season

January 14, 2009 at 18:49
It’s still getting dark really early, making it hard to get to the range or the duck blind after work, and most hunting seasons are over with. That makes this time of year perfect for firearms maintenance, that most of us seem to put off until the last minute. Doing this during the “off season” will give you an opportunity to fix or discover problems that may have cropped up this last season. It also prevents frantic last minute phone calls to manufacturers for spare parts or services right before hunting season, when it is too late.
A thorough cleaning is a great place to start. There’s a good chance you’ll discover anything out of place, dinged, rusted or missing. For me, I like to take my hunting rifle apart, separating the barreled action from the stock and removing the bolt. I do this not only because I want to make sure all the metal surfaces are clean and free of moisture, but because it’s not uncommon to find bits of leaves or twigs that may have found their way in between the stock and the barrel. If you’ve “free floated” your barrel, that sort of thing defeats the purpose. This is also a great time to check scope mounts, sling swivel studs, bipods, and anything else you hang on your rifle or handgun.
After cleaning and fixing any problems, putting it all back together with a high quality lubricant and preservative on all metal surfaces, I’m ready to go to the range or hunting at a moment's notice. But more importantly, maintenance gives me confidence in my equipment.

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