Product Care

To Ensure Your Satisfaction

Your product is carefully crafted from the finest materials. For product longevity and your own safety, here are some commonsense guidelines:

Inspecting Your Holster Product

  1. Thoroughly read the safety information included with your purchase or on this website.
  2. Make sure your holster fits properly, safely and to your satisfaction.
  3. Visually inspect your holster for any defects in material or workmanship.
  4. Check the retainer strap, spring or other retaining device and be certain that your handgun is properly and safely secured for your application.
  5. Visually inspect all stitching, snaps, springs, clips and rivets for looseness, breakage or other damage.
  6. Pay special attention to points of strain and critical points, such as belt loops, welts, retainer straps, springs or other retaining devices.
  7. Look for any sign that leather or other materials have become dry or brittle.
  8. Should your holster or other product become worn, loose, defective or ill-fitting, cease use immediately.

Care and Storage: Leather


Store your leather product in a cool, dry place. High humidity can cause mildew, while dry heat and direct sunlight can cause drying and cracking. If you leave your handgun in the holster or other product, check it daily for moisture, condensation or corrosion. Changing atmospheric conditions, heavy perspiration and other factors could create such conditions.


Treat the interior of your holster with spray silicone to help protect against excess moisture. Spray silicone also speeds the draw by reducing friction.

If your product becomes water-soaked, reshape it as best you can and allow it to air-dry at room temperature. Do not use a hot oven – it will shrink, harden and crack the leather.

Because Bianchi leather is hand finished with our special leather dressing, should your leather product become dry or scratched, you can treat the exterior with a commercial leather dressing that does not contain lacquer. (Be careful when using Neat’s foot oil; large amounts will soften the leather.)

Brass cartridges or other brass hardware when stored with leather will acquire a greenish residue called "verdigris." It is a natural product of a chemical reaction between brass and vegetable-tanned leather, and it wipes off. (Using nickel-plated cartridges in belt loops will avoid this condition.) AccuMold®, AccuMold® Elite™ and Patroltek™


These products have been field-proven to with stand a wide variety of environmental conditions. These products should be stored in a cool, dry environment when not in use. We do not recommend storing these products in a vehicle trunk or other areas where extreme heat can exceed the outside environment.


These products are best cleaned with a solution of warm, soapy water and a soft brush. A toothbrush and dish soap work well. If decontamination is required, an antibacterial soap or 10% solution of household chlorine bleach may be used. After cleaning, simply rinse off with freshwater and let air-dry. Be sure the product is completely dry inside and out prior to use. When these products are exposed to salt spray or immersed in salt water, it is important to thoroughly rinse them in warm water as soon as possible. Never use solvents such as acetone to clean AccuMold products, as this could result in damage to the product.