Laser Trajectory Kit, Green Laser


Laser Trajectory Kit, Green Laser


Laser Trajectory Kit, Green Laser,

Laser Trajectory Kit, Green Laser

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Print Over long distances, trajectory strings and rods can sag, providing inaccurate results. For this reason, a laser is ideal for long distance trajectory reconstructions. This Laser Trajectory Kit includes the green BP-2 Laser Trajectory Pointer. Designed to be used in conjunction with or in place of trajectory rods. The kit includes four co-aligned steel trajectory rods suitable for use on holes produced by .32 caliber weapons and up. Rods and lasers may be connected in succession, using the included stainless steel connectors.
  • Both the steel rods and Laser Trajectory Pointer are co-aligned, always producing a straight, accurate line
  • Included Evi-Paq® Tripod Mount allows trajectory lasers and rods to be placed in open space and aimed at and through a b
  • Lasers and rods can be attached to any of the four sides of the Tripod Mount to help determine both the source and desti
  • Tripod Mount eliminates the need to have someone hold the laser
  • Included Angle Finder can be attached to a trajectory rod or tripod mount with Adhesive Wax to measure exact angles for
  • Set of four Spacer Cones and O-rings are included to center the rods within each bullet hole and keep the rods from slip
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