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LE Designated Marksman Instructor Course

American law enforcement has recognized the need for the superior accuracy and firepower associated with the tactical long gun. Seen as a tool for SWAT operators in the past, patrol officers are the new “First Responder” to these incidents. The Safariland Training Group Instructor level training supports that mission. This course is designed for the serious shooter who is interested in the precision application of scoped rifles under a variety of circumstances.

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Course Overview

Instruction focuses on the theory, weaponry and human mechanics necessary to delivery accurate fire. Participation includes both classroom briefings and live ammo exercises specifically designed to corroborate the teaching and to develop new skill sets.

  • Demonstrate and apply safe weapons handling skills
  • Demonstrate and identify the components of the precision optics and their functions
  • Demonstrate and apply the use of the data book and ballistics of a optically sighted precision rifle
  • Demonstrate and apply tactical safety procedures and practices
  • Demonstrate proper field cleaning procedures
  • Proficiency course of fire with a 80% or higher hit ration for successful completion of the course required
  • Demonstration of terminal ballistics and the effects on anatomical target zones
  • Demonstrate and evaluate shooters in the Principles of Marksmanship
  • Perform preparatory marksmanship training exercises for DM trainees
  • Perform Load make ready and unload procedures
  • Establish training courses of fire for the DM/Precision Marksman Operator
  • Perform malfunction clearance and combat reloading training exercises
  • Demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of the Semi-Auto and Bolt action weapon platforms
  • Perform shooting drills on a moving target training exercises
  • Demonstrate multiple threat engagement tactics
  • Perform multiple threat engagement at known and unknown distances during live fire training exercises
  • Demonstrate the student evaluations and corrective training measures
  • Perform use of cover training exercises
  • Design a training course of fire for the Designated Marksman candidates

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