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Covert Search
The dynamics of today's Covert Searching

Tactical Officers are sometimes faced with a mission to enter and search for a suspect(s) who may or may not be inside. While facing unknown obstacles and potential ambushes, training and use of all available resources could be the difference between a successful operation and one with a tragic ending.

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09/16/2014 - 09/16/2014 Reno, NV125.00
09/30/2014 - 10/02/2014 New Iberia, LA395.00
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Course Overview

This course takes you through any options for Covert Searching in order to help you prepare for the unknown and potential hazards. The class teaches you to learn the options available other than having to make entry, what you can do to reduce your adversary's ability to fight and defend and should we go to his ambush or make him come to ours? It also covers the topics of negotiations, protocol, and the various equipment that can be utilized for this type of search as well as covert and overt probing and decisions on making an entry. There are many skills and techniques that must be mastered. A level of proficiency for each individual skill, coupled with team-work, is a vital part of this equation. Extensive training in realistic conditions will best prepare you and your team for these dangerous tactics.

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