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Officer Down Rescues and Combat Medicine
Training for Police, Corrections, Military and Private Security

In law enforcement, officers are the first responders into hostile environments and dynamic tactical situations, which often involve a medical problem to be addressed quickly and efficiently. The Officer Down Rescues & Combat Medicine course prepares you to react in a developing hostile tactical environment that may save the life of someone else or your own.

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Course Overview


Course Tuition:$225

Course Duration:Two day - Instructor Training

This specifically addresses law enforcement personnel who respond to violent incidents where other officers or victims are injured and require rescue and/or first aid when seconds count. This curriculum utilizes the guidelines and recommendations of the Tactical Combat Casualty Care program as a foundation and then applies Law Enforcement requirements and circumstances to show officers how to apply tactics and team movements for rescue in a hostile environment.

This course contains lecture, hands-on skill stations, reality based scenarios, and live fire range drills designed to expose the student to a variety of different emergency situations and confidently provide appropriate care. The core principles of TCCC remain the same.

Care Under Fire:

  • Equipment Recommendations for Law Enforcement
  • Bleeding and Tourniquets

Tactical Field Care Concepts:

  • Bleeding and QuickClot Application
  • Airway Trauma and Treatments
  • Chest Trauma and Treatments
  • Hypothermia
  • Fractures and Splinting
  • Shock
  • Blast Injuries

Tactical Field Care:

  • Evacuation Categories
  • Evacuation Considerations

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