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Patrol Response to a Critical Incident
Police Priorities during Special Threat Situations

When a critical incident situation erupts, it is essential to make the right call in a matter of seconds, especially when you may or may not have the option to have a SWAT team called in or get there in time. The goal in these encounters is to contain and isolate the threat. This course teaches you all the things you need to know to be able to make those split second decisions that could save lives.

This is an Instructor Level course.

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Course Overview

The goals and objectives covered in this training:

  • Active Shooter definitions, situations and resolutions
  • Barricaded gunman with or without hostages
  • First Responder negotiations
  • IEDs
  • Homicide/Suicide Bombers
  • Incident Command (ICS)
  • Tactics – basic movements

It also addresses many other issues in dealing with these situations such as proper patrol responses to suicide bombers, snipers, approaches and entries, single, double and triple officer responses, obligations of a First Responder and much more.

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