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PROTECH® Defender Type IIIA: 17 Years Later
June 19, 2013 by Dan McNeil

A few months ago, Tony Gonzalez, a certified shield instructor with the Safariland Training Group, received an email from Officer Jacob Gaines of the Ruston Police Department in Ruston, LA. Gaines completed our Shield Instructor’s Course and was excited to share the news of a shield class he taught his department.  Read More »
Ballistic Shield Shooting Tips
October 16, 2012 by John Burdock

In my opinion, the ballistic shield is still best used in conjunction with a handgun. Original shield designs and training supported this concept, but as the tactical community has become more and more long gun friendly, students are constantly looking for techniques that will allow the use of long guns with their shield. The first thing I must point out is that I truly support the use of long guns in tactical operations, however to get the most protection from a ballistic shield the shooter must understand that the shield will only protect what is behind and below it, which is often best accomplished with a handgun. I often see teams get creative with rolling out the second shooter so they can deploy the long gun.  Read More »
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