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Since 1964 The Safariland Group has provided Law Enforcement, Sportsmen, and Competition Shooters with the highest quality and most innovative products on the market.

The Most Trusted Products in Law Enforcement

We have been saving lives by providing the most recognized and most trusted law-enforcement and security products in the world. You've known us individually as ABA®, Safariland® Duty Gear and Defense Technology®. You've recognized us as Second Chance®, PROTECH® Tactical, Break Free® and Monadnock®. And you've identified us as Hatch®, Bianchi®, Forensics Source as well as many other leading brand names. First as Armor Holdings and now The Safariland Group, we’re been a collection of industry-leading brands, operating with one goal and one mission, Together, We Save Lives. As The Safariland Group, we are united in everything we do. We have brought together our heritage, our collective expertise and our shared passion to focus on our primary objective: providing the most innovative products with best-in-class service to the brave men and women who depend on them every day.

Legendary for quality and innovation, Safariland Duty Gear is the overwhelming choice of law enforcement agencies around the world. Comprising both the Safariland and Bianchi brands, we continue to expand our leadership position by offering the industry's most extensive range of top-quality products. Product lines within the Duty Gear category are holsters, belts, accessories, restraints and optics. These products are around the world for law enforcement, military, government, private security, competition and recreation.

  • Holsters
  • Belts & Accessories
  • Restraints
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For decades, we have been saving lives by providing the most advanced and trusted body armor in the industry. The heritage of our various product lines spans the entire spectrum for innovation, advanced performance, coverage, durability, comfort and value. Our Body Armor category includes both concealable and tactical body armor, insert plates, and accessories and includes such well-known brands as Safariland, Second Chance, American Body Armor, PROTECH, and SAVVY®.

  • Concealable Armor
  • Tactical Armor
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Safariland's Tactical Armor products include ballistic shields, helmets, face shields, shin guards, trauma plates and more. Each product is manufactured to the highest standards and is tested to keep officers safe in any operation. Our PROTECH products set the standard for advanced quality and protection.

  • Tactical Shields
  • Trauma Plates
  • Helmets & Face Guards
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From Blast and Ballistic Resistant Enclosures and Armored Fighting Positions to lightweight composite armor for sea, air and land vehicles, Safariland offers a complete range of advanced product solutions for government facilities, military installations, private and public corporations and original-equipment manufacturers (OEM). Led by the PROTECH product line, Safariland is renowned for its commitment to saving lives and protecting assets. Our leading technology and superior program management make us the trusted choice of security professionals around the world.

  • Bullet Resistant Enclosures
  • Vehicle Armoring
  • Aircraft Armor
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Featuring EOD/IEDD Tactical and integrated protection systems against blast effects and chemical agents, Med-Eng® provides crew survivability solutions for public safety, military and law enforcement personnel and humanitarian missions.

  • Crew Survivability
  • EOD/Bomb Detection & Disposal
  • Extremity Protection
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Providing the very best in integrated tactical communication headset systems, TCI offers both customized and retail headset products for law enforcement, military, public safety and security personnel.

  • Tactical Headsets & Accessories
  • Electronic Hearing Protection
  • Covert Communication Systems
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Safariland products keep firearms operating effectively and safely. Products range from premium cleaning accessories and maintenance equipment to chemicals, polymer shotgun stocks and scope mounts. Law-enforcement officers, avid sportsmen and the military all count on our products as the most trusted and reliable in the industry. Our Kleen-Bore®, B-Square®, Break Free® and SPEEDFEED® products have set the standard for quality and performance.

  • Maintenance Supplies
  • Scopes, Rings & Mounts
  • Gun Stocks
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Established in 1967, Mustang Survival has been designing and manufacturing lifesaving solutions for more than 45 years. Through constant innovation and application of new technologies, Mustang Survival is the leading supplier of quality flotation and personal protective equipment to the most demanding maritime and aviation customers including the Coast Guard, Law Enforcement, Water Rescue Teams, Fighter Pilots, Commercial Mariners and Recreational Boaters.

  • Personal Flotation Devices (PFD)
  • Dry Suits
  • Rescue Kits
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Safariland offers industry-leading protective gear ranging from riot-control suits and high-tech gloves to elbow pads, knee pads and a full range of bags. Our offerings trace their heritage to our legacy products from Hatch and are designed especially to meet the needs of law-enforcement and military professionals. Our protective gear and gloves are used by professionals around the world, including uniformed-duty, tactical, corrections and military personnel.

  • Gloves
  • Riot Gear
  • Shear Stress Alleviation Products
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Safariland manufactures less lethal products to exacting specifications and quality standards. Our product lines have led the way for decades and include duty aerosols, less lethal impact munitions, distraction devices, batons and chemicals. The names Defense Technology® and Monadnock® are synonymous with the finest in less lethal products. Officers around the world rely on these products for their proven performance under the most demanding conditions.

  • Aerosols & Masks
  • Less Lethal Munitions
  • Batons
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Designed to be your single source for Forensics equipment and supplies, Forensics Source is Safariland's forensics product line for all types of investigative, collection, processing and lab-related activities. We offer industry-leading CSI equipment and supplies, evidence collection and narcotics identification kits, biohazard equipment, optical evidence-examination technology, and much more, featuring well known brands such as Lightning Powder®, Identicator®, NIK® Public Safety, ODV®, EVI-PAQ® and Projectina®.

  • Crime Scene
  • Lab Equipment
  • Presumptive Drug Tests
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