New XCAT Handheld Detection System for Immediate Narcotics, Explosives and GSR Detection by Forensics Source™

September 04, 2013

For Immediate Release

New XCAT Handheld Detection System for Immediate Narcotics, Explosives and GSR Detection by Forensics Source™

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – Forensics Source™ announced today that they are now offering the XCAT Capillary Analysis Test, by RedXDefense®. The XCAT is a handheld detection system that offers immediate narcotics, explosives and gunshot residue (GSR) detection. This system features automated, one-step detection of narcotics, GSR and homemade/high explosives. Designed for detecting suspicious drugs and other substances on hands, vehicles, packages and surfaces, the XCAT is intended for presumptive testing.

“Forensics Source is very excited to add the XCAT detection system to its arsenal of tools and products dedicated to detecting drugs, explosives and GSR evidence,” said Eric Schellhorn, Category Director for Forensics Source. “It’s unique ‘Go - No Go’ approach makes it the simplest and most effective detection device available on the market today. I am confident its innovative design, ease of use and durable construction will make it the detection system of choice for law enforcement agencies worldwide.”

Detection cards are used with specially formulated optical detection inks and software to identify chemically related analytes. Each analyte or group of analytes is detected with a dedicated card. The XCAT uniquely identifies and analyzes each card and returns a red or green signal indicating “detection” or “no detection.” Among the intended users are law enforcement, military, federal agencies, border control and forensics experts.

The XCAT Capillary Analysis Test and detection sampling cards are available through The device retails for $1,970 and each sampling card kit retails between $40 and $52 for a box of 10 cards, depending on the presumptive test purchased. The sampling cards currently available test for: Nitramines and Nitrates (NTR-300), Nitroaromatics (NTA-400), Amphetamines and Bath Salts (AMP-500), Heroin (HER-110), Cocaine and PCP (COC-210) and GSR (GSR-600). RedXDefense® offers a comprehensive suite of narcotics, explosives and GSR detectors for combating threats is headquartered in Rockland, MD.

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