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Forensics Source™ Introduces Lightning Powder® with Supranano™ Particles

September 04, 2013

For Immediate Release

Forensics Source™ Introduces Lightning Powder® with Supranano™ Particles

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – Forensics Source™ is proud to partner with ARRO Forensics in bringing innovative new technologies in latent print processing and investigative process to the forensics market: nano-engineered powders and suspensions.

Lightning Powder® with Supranano™ Particles are specially formulated to develop latent marks on both non-porous (e.g. glass, ceramics) and semi-porous surfaces (e.g. plastics, nonferrous metals). These nano-particle enhanced powders provide 30 percent enhanced definition and clarity over existing powders, and prints can be developed up to 28 days after deposition. Lightning Powder Suspensions with Supranano Particles are a viable alternative to cyanoacrylate (CNA) development and are specially formulated to develop latent prints and footwear marks.

According to Eric Schellhorn, Category Director for Forensics Source, “This exciting new technology will revolutionize the way that investigators process crime scenes and identify suspects. The delivery of significantly improved latent print definition and clarity make Lightning Powder Supranano an exceptional product. Marrying that capability with the ability to interrogate those prints for a variety of contact residuals and biomarkers makes it a truly exceptional and unique tool for investigative use. In my opinion, it is the most significant advancement in latent print processing in the last fifty years.”

In the near future, it will be possible to analyze prints to quickly identify a variety of contact residuals (e.g. drugs, explosives) and bio-markers for demographic criteria including age, gender and ethnicity. These capabilities will be instrumental in addressing the investigative needs of crime scene units, homeland security and counter-terrorism agencies.

Lightning Powder® with Supranano™ Particles is available now through in black, white, red, yellow, and green, and comes in 30 ml, 60 ml, and 250 ml sizes. The powders and suspensions retail between $8.50 and $22.75 depending on the volume purchased.

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