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New Offerings for Competitive Shooting Announced by Safariland

January 18, 2012
Jacksonville, Fla.

Safariland®, a BAE Systems business, announced today that it has released several new products targeted at the competitive shooter for 2012, including the Model 014 Open Class Competition Holster, the Model 6005-12 Shotgun Speedloader Holder for thigh carry, and the efficiently designed Model 085 Shotgun Shell Holder.


Opening for this new trio of products is the Model 014 Open Class Competition Holster.  Designed to be used by both Open and Limited Class shooters, this holster offers a host of advantages over other competition holsters, primarily in its ability to be customized. Muzzle plug adjustable barrel length, full 4-axis control with use of a lockable pivoting ball, and user preference on belt width round out the new features found on the Model 014.  As with its predecessor, the Model 013, this holster also has a locking feature to ensure the weapon will not fall out while running. This holster will also mount directly in to the pre-cut ELS holes found on the Safariland Model 032 ELS Competition Belt. Available in a combination black and hard anodized aluminum red finish, it fits belt width from 1.5 inches to 1.75 inches.


The Model 6005-12 Shotgun Speedloader Holder was designed with one thing in mind: loading a shotgun quickly. Ideal for Open Class Multigun or Shotgun competitions, this product makes it easy to carry up to five Tek-Loaders, each housed independently and firmly on the thigh rig. A cup and retention clip system keeps loaders stable, even while running. The 6005-12 features a dual elastic leg strap with quick-release buckle closure and is designed to be used in conjunction with the Safariland 032 ELS Competition Belt, with an ELS 34 Locking Fork included on the thigh rig to lock into place on the belt.


The Safariland Model 085 Shotgun Shell Holder takes the place of the current Safariland Model 082. Although sharing several of the same features, including making four 12-gauge shells available to grasp with one hand, this new design also makes it possible to take only a few shells at a time while holding the remaining shells taut enough to stay secure with minimal rattle.  Just as with the 082, the Model 085 is available with the Safariland tactical 2-hole backing to mount directly to a thigh rig, with the ELS 34 Locking Fork, the ELS 34 and 35 Plates, or on a 744BL Belt Clip.  The Model 085 fits 2.75” 12-gauge shells.


All models are available now.


Model              Description                                                                                         MSRP

014                              Open Class Competition Holster                                $200.00

6005-12           Shotgun Speedloader                                                             $110.00

085                              Shotgun Shell Holder                                                              $30.00 - $35.00


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