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Doug Koenig Wins Ninth National Action Pistol Championship

May 24, 2005
Columbia, Missouri

Doug Koenig, widely regarded as the world's best all-around shooter, won his sixth straight National Action Pistol Championship (Bianchi Cup) at the Green Valley Range in Columbia, MO. The Bianchi Cup is considered to be the most difficult precision pistol matches in the world and it is also one of the most prestigious prizes in competitive shooting.

Koenig started off the match with a perfect score (480-48x) on the Barricade Event on day number one. One day two, Koenig left the field behind by shooting a perfect score (480-48x) at the Falling Plate Event and a perfect score (480-48x) at the Practical Event. The Practical Event calls for some “weak hand” shooting and is an extremely difficult event to “clean.” Koenig is one of a very small number of competitors to have fired a perfect score at the Practical Event during a Bianchi Cup competition.

Koenig has won national and world championships in pistol events, shotgun events, and rifle events. A professional shooter, Koenig has dominated competitive pistol shooting for the last ten years. He has won eleven Masters International Championships, three World Speed Shooting Championships, an IPSC World Championship, a two World Action Pistol Championships (holds World Record Score), eight Sportsman's Team Challenge Championships, a World All-Around Championship, and nine National Action Pistol Championships (Bianchi Cup).


Doug Koenig uses a variety of equipment in his competitive shooting:

  • Doug's gun sponsor is SMITH & WESSON – a company that is renown in the firearms business.
  • Doug's optical sight is from LEUPOLD & STEVENS – an American company whose produces high quality products.
  • Doug's speed holster is from SAFARILAND – the top name in competitive shooting holster accessories.
  • Doug's hearing protection is from SILENCIO – a leader and innovator in industrial and sporting safety equipment.
  • Doug's gun cleaning products are from HOPPES – an industry leader in firearms cleaning products.
  • Doug's gun cases are supplied by KALISPEL CASE LINE – one of the newest and most innovative companies in the firearms industry.
  • Doug's target training systems are from ACTION TARGET – the industry leader in target systems.

Doug's bullets are supplied by SIERRA BULLETS – the bullet company associated with the champion shooters on the circuit.

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