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2013 Forensics Press Releases

September 04, 2013
Forensics Source™ Introduces Lightning Powder® with Supranano™ Particles

Forensics Source™ is proud to partner with ARRO Forensics in bringing innovative new technologies in latent print processing and investigative process to the forensics market: nano-engineered powders and suspensions.

September 04, 2013
New XCAT Handheld Detection System for Immediate Narcotics, Explosives and GSR Detection by Forensics Source™

Forensics Source™ announced today that they are now offering the XCAT Capillary Analysis Test, by RedXDefense®. The XCAT is a handheld detection system that offers immediate narcotics, explosives and gunshot residue (GSR) detection. This system features automated, one-step detection of narcotics, GSR and homemade/high explosives. Designed for detecting suspicious drugs and other substances on hands, vehicles, packages and surfaces, the XCAT is intended for presumptive testing.

January 15, 2013
Scientific-Based Tests to Identify Bath Salt Use in the Field Unveiled by Forensics Source™

Forensics Source™ announced that it has launched a new line of field drug test kits to address the proliferation and criminalization of “bath salts” as controlled substances. These bath salts tests come packaged in a single-use, three-stick test kit configuration that ensures officers have all necessary tests on hand at all times. This cost effective solution is now available in both NIK® and ODV™ brand variants to complement our other colorimetric drug test kit lines.

January 15, 2013
Introducing Convenient, Cost-Effective Latent Print Powder Refills by Forensics Source™

Forensics Source™ announced that it has released innovative Latent Print Powder Paks from Lightning Powder® that are the most cost-effective refills available on the market. These 2 oz. pre-measured refills simplify decanting into standard powder jars. The durable pouch is easy to store and transport while its moisture-proof seal ensures the powder stays dry and clean, ready for immediate use in the field or in the lab.

January 15, 2013
Newly-Designed Patrol Pak Dispenser Products Offered by Forensics Source™

Forensics Source™ introduces a new way to quickly and easily provide forensic supplies and first responder products to officers and technicians. The Patrol Pak line includes a special selection of high-use patrol and forensic prod­ucts including nitrile gloves, evidence markers, disposable restraints and evidence storage bags. All products are dispensed in handy cardboard boxes designed to fit into a glove box or gear bag for easy access in the field. It is the perfect choice for patrol officers, correctional units, investigators and se­curity forces.