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2006 Protective Gear Press Releases

November 01, 2006
Hatch® Launches The Next Evolution Of Tactical Gear

Hatch®, one of the world’s leading brands of high quality gloves and protective gear for the Law Enforcement and Military markets, announces the introduction of a new line of knee and elbow protection called XTAK™. Key to the unique performance of the patent pending XTAK™ design is the lightweight X-shaped TPU (thermal plastic urethane) shell that flexes naturally with the knee and elbow, yet provides a forceful spring-back action that gives the wearer protection precisely where it is needed.

November 01, 2006
Hatch Innovates Headwear For Comfort And Protection With Their New Armorcool™ Brand

Hatch unveils their all-new ArmorCool™ brand of headgear with the Hatch NDR100/150 Adjustable Head Wrap model and the NSK100/150 Head Wrap in a skull cap design. Providing heat and flash protection, these models are constructed entirely of 7 ounce 100% NOMEX® material and NOMEX® thread so that they will not support flame or decompose up to 800°F (427°C). Further, with wicking properties of the NOMEX® in these unique designs also help keep the head cool and comfortable under a helmet or other protective head gear.

November 01, 2006
Hatch Introduces Reactor Hard Knuckle Glove

Hatch® introduces its new RHK25 and RHK10 Reactor Hard Knuckle Gloves, providing superior protection for SWAT operators and officers in difficult pursuit of suspects. Designed for tactical situations, the glove’s PVC hard knuckle protection is superior to regular foam in absorbing blows to the top of the hand, giving protection to areas formerly left exposed.

July 25, 2006
Finally, A Duty Glove For Officers Working In Hot Climates – Introducing The Cool Tac™ Glove

With the new Cool Tac™ Glove exclusively from Hatch®, for the first time ever, law enforcement officers working in hot climates can have a functional glove with an essential design feature to stay cool on the job. The top of the Hatch Cool Tac™ glove is made with Three Dimensional Knit Spacer fabric, which is extremely breathable and inherently shock absorbent due to the polyester fibers supporting the 3-D configuration of the fabric. The palm is constructed from Pittards hair sheep leather for extreme tactility and features the Hatch Signature Ergonomic Cut, designed to follow the natural curvature of the hand for a superb fit.

June 09, 2006
Hatch® Gloves & Knee Pads Protecting Us Armed Forces

Hatch® Operator™ Tactical Gloves (SOG-600) and Centurion™ Knee Pads (KP250) see extensive action in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Philippines as seen in the photograph being worn by a US soldier currently stationed overseas fighting the war against global terrorism.

January 15, 2006
Hatch® adds New Tactical “Wall” Deployment Bag to its Line of Gear Bags

Hatch introduces the WALL Deployment Bag to its line of technical gear bags for law enforcement professionals. Designed to attach to the lower leg via two adjustable leg straps, the WALL bag was developed specifically for covert tactical rappelling operations. Among the many features of the WALL Bag, it boasts a full 4 ½” expandable panel for extra rope stuffing, three multiple gear pockets and one large glove pocket with hook and loop closures. Two rows of MOLLE-style caribiner loops are sewn onto the large pocket to provide multiple attachment points.

January 15, 2006
Hatch Introduces The Protector™ - A New Anti Microbial Glove For The Postal Market

Developed specifically for mail handlers, the Protector™ Model AMPG250, is an all-purpose glove with Hatch’s Extreme Grip™ patches on the fingertips to facilitate mail handling. This glove features an antimicrobial element in the fabric (Ag) which inhibits bacterial growth and provides anti-odor performance. The Protector™ also features unique insulation properties to help regulate temperature, keeping the user cool in summer and warm in winter. Further, its wicking properties offer increased comfort in warm weather as it wicks moisture away from the skin.

January 15, 2006
Shearstop™ Cycling Gloves Provide Superior Comfort With Liquicell® Technology

New for the law enforcement market, Hatch offers their ShearStop™ Cycle Gloves that feature the revolutionary Liquicell® technology in the palms offering cushioned comfort and excellent performance in the field. Liquicell® is an innovative liquid-filled padding technology that combines low-viscosity fluid with strategically placed baffles to significantly absorb shock and ease pressure. These gloves also feature specifically placed grip pads for control and include absorbent terrycloth thumbs for wiping away perspiration, and Lycra® backs for an exceptional fit.

January 01, 2006
Hatch® Introduces the Operator™ HK Glove for Advanced Hand Protection In Urban Warfare Environments

Hatch® has introduced its new Operator™ HK Glove specifically designed to maximize knuckle and overall hand protection and comfort in field tactical situations for SWAT teams, military ground combat forces and Special Forces units. The Operator™ HK offers a unique combination of features such as leather covered PVC hard knuckle, superior fire retardant properties and excellent cut and abrasion resistance.

January 01, 2006
Hatch Introduces State-of-the-Art TLS™ Tactical Knee Pad with 60% More Blunt Force Protection

Hatch has developed a completely new product for the professional user, the TLS™ Tactical Kneepad, offering an exclusive triple-layer knee protection system and additional protective and comfort features not available in one product until now. This system provides up to 60% more protection against blunt force trauma than traditional foam knee pads. It starts with a PVC shell sewn on to a Cordura® nylon shell, and features Neoprene to allow stretch and hold the kneepad in place more effectively. It is followed by a ¼” section of Skydex®, an outstanding shock-absorbing material, a layer of EVA foam and covered with another layer of foam and a soft tricot liner.

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