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12 Steps for Better Drug Testing Results
March 04, 2010 by Eric Schellhorn

Chemical presumptive narcotics identification systems, such as the NIK® Polytesting System and the ODV NarcoPouch® and NarcoTest® lines are some of the most widely-used field drug testing systems used in law enforcement today. Law enforcement officers are expected to combine their investigative skills and experience, knowledge of the characteristics of suspected narcotics and familiarity with the expected color reactions from field tests to correctly identify suspected narcotics.  Read More »
A Better Mouse Trap
October 27, 2009 by Eric Schellhorn

As a manufacturer and distributor with more than 3,000 products in our forensics product line, one of the greatest challenges we face is anticipating customer needs and developing new, useful, and competitively priced products to meet those requirements. These new products may provide technological advances, increase efficiency, package useful items in a new or innovative way, or may even present the “better mousetrap”, a simple or novel solution to a unique problem or challenge.  Read More »
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