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  Scott Carnahan

Member and manager of Team Safariland’s professional shooting team since its inception in 1985. He is currently VP of Category Marketing for Safariland and Bianchi Duty Gear and has been with Safariland for more than 30 years, many of those in Research and Development. Scott is very involved with training and product testing in the field alongside Law Enforcement, SWAT, Military Special Ops, competition shooters and civilian end users. Scott currently is a member of the World Action Pistol team and holds three National Class Titles and is also a Board member of the CPOA/BLEA California Peace Officers Association, Business Law Enforcement Alliance.

  • Team Safariland Captain
  • USPSA Master
  • NRA Open Action Pistol Distinguished Badge
  • Bianchi Cup National Class Champion
  • 3-Time USPSA National Class Champion

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